Kristin Chenoweth to do a Karen Carpenter tribute album


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Here's the pertinent part from this article:

She also has in the works a tribute album to Karen Carpenter, half of the 1970s duo The Carpenters. “I always thought I’d never been able to sing her music because she sang too low,” she said, now able to reach “Karen’s G.” “She changed the voice of pop music for women, and I’d really like to pay homage to her.”


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Been a fan of Kristin's since her originating the role of Glinda in "Wicked." She can reach "Karen's G" now? I thought she's a soprano, but Karen went pretty high on her solo album so I suppose it can go both ways depending on ability. Looking forward to this album. btw..... I seem to remember Randy Schmidt mention in an interview this past year that he's finishing up work on a companion doc to LGB that includes a number of tributes including (I think from Kristin Chenoweth). Might be all related.

Makes me wish Karen could've had a duet with Kristin singing "For Good" from "Wicked." I probably should post this part under the "nonexistent Carpenters (or Karen solo) songs you can hear" thread, but since the subject is Kristin and Karen, hope it's OK.

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Mike Smith

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Chenoweth will be performing with the Wichita Symphony Saturday evening. Tomorrow, she is teaching a class a Friends University here in town. I wonder if she will perform any Carpenters' song.


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This is going to be controversial and obnoxious, but I really wish she wouldn't. I can't listen to her for more than 2 minutes before my ears hurt. Impressive lyric coloratura range she had and showmanship etc, but she is not the person I'd like to listen do this. Quite frankly, I don't want to hear anyone sing this material. But that's just me.


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I think I agree with that. There was a Christmas show she did with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir that I stumbled onto on television, and her portion of the show was barely tolerable.

Solution: just ignore the album when it comes out and play a Carpenters disc.

AM Matt

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On February 4, it will be the 40th Anniversary of Karen's death. Will the Chenoweth tribute will come out by Feburary??


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Kristin's voice is a very "faux involved musical theater voice." She's clearly had years of vocal coaching and instruction. She likely went over this tune line by line to make it as perfect as possible before it ever hit the stage. Karen was never that kind of singer. She wasn't taught; it was just there. She could just open her mouth and be great. Those songs exist because of Karen. Without her, it just doesn't work. I've never been much for the studied vocal approach so Kristin just doesn't do it for me.

I might be into it if Sarah McLachlan took a shot at Carpenters' tunes. KD Lang would do an amazing job too. Beyond that, I can think of anyone I'd want to hear do their songs - certainly not a musical theater voice like Kristin's.


Another Son

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I did like the arrangement for her ‘Merry Christmas, Darling’, posted on this forum about a year ago. And I didn’t mind her voice.... not captivating, to my ears, but listenable, especially in the frame of that arrangement. I hadn’t heard of her until MCD was posted here. I would probably check her Carpenters tribute out.
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