New HERB Single Due

bob knack

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I agree. It reminds me a lot of Cowboys and Indians.

I once asked Mike Barone about this on Facebook, and this is what he said:

That tune was written for a commercial and a few years later I submitted it to him with others. I got to know him thru Bob Edmondson. They went to school together.Bob and I recorded that with him at that time but he never released it. Big money lost on my part. I should have bugged him.--Not my style. Then 40 years later he called me and asked me about it and released it and changed the title. I made his first band rehearsal and told him I couldn't do it. Always laughed about that. I also worked with him in studio recordings at A&M quite a few times. He's a good guy.
Good info, thanks.

Mike Blakesley

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I kind of miss the vibes in it, but I like the improvising.

I usually wait until the whole album becomes available before I listen to something, but since no new album has been announced I made an exception on this one.
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