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Reminds me strongly of another really great female singer who let herself be talked into a horrendous recording technique...

No comparison. Karen recorded new vocals, new material, new producer. This album is the original vocals with the original producer and the original backing tracks thrown out and redone. It’s abysmal.


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These videos really annoy me, and Youtube is full of them. She isn’t singing that live. The vocal has been produced in a recording studio, overdubbed, and she’s miming to it - albeit convincingly. You don’t get that kind of vocal quality when you’re that far away from the mic.

She’s also using Autotune - another vestige of modern recording. Ugh…



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It's been a while since she released an album (or since I shared a link to one of her songs), but Andrea Begley has a few new tunes out. The first is a self penned song (I think) and the second a Kodaline cover



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Very nice - kind of a sweet, smokey voice with a celtic feel - like the simple accompaniment...

Jack A.

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My mom used to play this (very obscure) Christmas album to get me to go to sleep when I was little. I remember loving this song in particular and being entranced by this unknown woman's voice.

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