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UMG Repressings - Any News

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by Lover Of Great Music, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    They probably have old stock of box sets that they will then remove the faulty product, will replace with good product and then shrink Wrap them again ready to ship out to places like Amazon and other retailers. All we are likely to receive will be replacement records probably in plain white sleeves.
  2. Hopefully not. Sending records without sleeves is a big no no In my book. I cannot imagine that will happen surely not. And regarding selling the box sets some of mine looked perfect but when played it was a different story entirely!. Perfect looks of vinyl doesn’t mean they sound ok as we all know.
  3. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    I think there are tolerances over "tight". The first 4 albums in my set just would not go onto the record spindle. The remainder were tight but went on without having to appply any real force. I have had other LPs from other artists where they have been a bit tighter than others but nothing like those first 4 albums from the box. Never come across that before. Different interpretations of the word "tight" I suspect.
  4. Regarding these repressings, I did make a suggestion that all the picture sleeve albums have the record in a poly lined sleeve, and the picture sleeve slid in next to the repressed record. I don’t think that will happen though but it would prevent scuffing of the vinyl though as I said to them.
  5. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    When I say plain white sleeves, they may be Polylined ones, but I doubt they will send new sleeves too. There is nothing wrong with the original sleeves. That would just add to their costs. But don't worry, they won’t stick the albums in a Jiffy bag.
  6. Maybe your sleeves are ok but a lot of mine ain’t but I won’t be revisiting that subject as this is about the new ones expected. Universal didn’t say keep them and I didn’t Only the outer box!!.
  7. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    I’d be keeping all my fingers crossed as whilst they did not tell you to keep them, they didn’t tell you to destroy them either.
  8. ars nova

    ars nova Active Member

    how did we get back into this never ending hell?
  9. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    I'm not @Harry but I can tell you that the old thread was closed because the subject had been discussed to death, and Universal had promised a remedy, so the matter seemed resolved. But now it seems like Uni is botching the remedy, too, or at least it's taking longer than it should have. I'm sure this thread will get closed too, once it reaches the level of repetitiveness the other one did, but I'll leave that decision to @Harry .
  10. Jamesj75

    Jamesj75 Well-Known Member

    I appreciate the response to my query, @Mike Blakesley. Your explanation makes sense, but repetitiveness alone is a hallmark of these discussions as we are repeatedly mulling over the same songs and albums from decades ago. We're repeatedly considering Carpenters' career decisions and intentions from decades ago. A new member may immerse himself or herself into a discussion that has existed since the inception of this great community. So for more long-term members, it may seem repetitive, but a new member might not feel that way. Maybe the thread in contention was considered too contentious at times, with much criticism and negativity, but these consumers have a right to express their opinions, as they paid for defective goods. I am certainly guilty of being repetitive in some of my commentary; it's an inherent element of discourse. I am certainly guilty of being repetitive in some of my commentary; it's an inherent element of discourse. :)
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  11. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    Point taken, but you're comparing apples and oranges. The "bad" release of this LP set was a one-time thing and it appeared to have been resolved, so that's why the thread was closed.

    The music, on the other hand, is constantly being rediscovered (or discovered for the first time) and rethought by different people. Therefore, discussions about the music never get shut down, as long as they follow the forum rules and stay at least tangentially on topic.

    The discussion of the defective LPs was closed because it was basically "going nowhere" except around in circles. However, Universal's delay in fixing this issue may now warrant further discussion, at least until we find out for sure that they're replacing the defective disks with good ones.
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  12. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    The original thread should have only been closedown once people had started to receive the new fault free pressings and not before. Until people started to receive them, then there was no firm indication that the problem had indeed been resolved - only UMGs word that it was going to happen. It’s not that I doubt their word, but it seems to be taking a long time and at the moment, those who have destroyed their albums have nothing but empty sleeves in an empty box. I think I did spot somewhere on the original thread that it was also closed down because those within the industry who occasionally dip into the forum might get disgruntled at reading the complaints within the thread.
  13. newvillefan

    newvillefan I Know My First Name Is Stephen

    The problem for newer (or new) members looking for info on the - still ongoing - issue is that there are now two different threads. I agree the other thread had run most of its course but the main risk with closing threads down prematurely is that they sink down off the page pretty quickly and in the absence of something topical on the subject, some people will simply go elsewhere to find out the answers they’re looking for.

    As a sideline observer who’s kept a keen eye on the subject, I think the issue is still far from over. Someone posted above that the devil was in the detail when it came to Universal’s approach: that they confirmed they are not reproducing entire sets, only faulty individual ones. Well, the Facebook poster I mentioned in my earlier reply said that the main problem for him was he was sent a supposed replacement LP and the spindle hole was still torn and too small. He even posted pictures of the defective replacement. So they’re either reissuing faulty stock or the new stock is just as bad.

    Perfectly warranted complaints in my book.
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  14. Harry

    Harry Charter A&M Corner Member Moderator

    Though it was not me that closed down the other thread, I'll stand by the action as it was a joint decision by the moderating staff. By the way, criticizing the moderation decisions in these forums is, in general, not a good idea. We are all volunteers here and do not need arguments from the general members. We do what we do for the general benefit of the forum. That old thread was closed because it was receiving posts from a few members over and over that Amazon said this and Universal said that and my fourth box set is bad and shipping is expensive and frankly, we didn't need to hear it anymore.

    Now this thread has opened. And there's nothing wrong with that. Someone had further news or at least a question regarding the passage of time. I sensed a bit of impatience with re-opening the topic, but it was left to stand. Now the thread has turned into a yet another bitching session about the old thread being closed, AND the actions of Amazon, Universal, etc.

    We were REAL close to closing this thread too, but I'm going to leave it open for now. The ground rules will be:

    - No criticism of moderator decisions
    - Let's stay on topic, but don't be repetitive with "Universal sucks" or "Amazon sucks" comments. That's not helping your cause.

    Keep in mind that while you may think your discussion is just among yourselves, it is out there to be read by potentially anyone in the world with an Internet connection, assuming they have an interest in Carpenters, A&M, the vinyl box. Moderators on the other hand HAVE to read your posts. So try to say something interesting, huh? Please? :)
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  15. Agreed wholeheartedly Harry , no need to go over old ground.
  16. Regarding re issues or any re pressing for that matter, if folk feel this is taking time to sort out I personally feel that is a good sign. Pressing of vinyl is priority based and in that the big players musically hold all the Aces!. What I mean by that is take for example a new album around the corner expected by say U2, Adele or whoever whom is currently big. Pressing plants are booked in advance and re pressings like this no doubt would have to wait weeks or months to be redone, for me the wait can be as long as it takes as long as it’s done right. Only my thoughts. The Carpenters now are a specialist purchase and as such demand is only going to come from people such as us and as such the sales of this will be moderate at best.
  17. Jamesj75

    Jamesj75 Well-Known Member

    Two moderators have now replied to my query (somewhat indirectly, given my name wasn't mentioned in either reply). I am truly grateful for the replies and explanations, but it's clear that confusion abounds. At the risk of repetition, let me quote myself.
    To be clear, I wasn't "criticizing the moderation decisions," nor was I instigating a "bitching session." I was honestly curious about why certain threads are closed. The idea occurred to me again, once a very popular thread was closed. I didn't even have a dog in that particular fight, as I didn't purchase the vinyl collection.

    There have been a number of times over the years when I have publicly offered praise and appreciation for the moderators and indeed this forum. I don't recall any favorable moderator responses to those posts. I still highly value their efforts. In the future, I won't tread on topics that can be construed as second-guessing moderator decisions. I try to keep my posts positive and/or humorous, and I will continue along those lines.
  18. With respect, the moderators have set their requirements out on this thread and also with respect your post has nothing what so ever to do with the current repressing thread that your comments occupy?.

    They have warned people at the end of the day?. If you didn’t buy the thing initially why not wait until everything is fine and dandy and buy it then?. This is a crucial thread and I personally want it left open until all is good?.
    Disagreement with the guys who run this isn’t good for anyone at the end of the day?.

    And they have warned everyone if you have a beef with them why not take it up with them directly please?.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
  19. Harry

    Harry Charter A&M Corner Member Moderator

    Here again, this thread is supposed to be about UMG re-pressings. It has devolved here on page 2 to questions about the operations of the forum in general. James, we appreciate your comments, both now and in the past and if we've forgotten to acknowledge them, then that's our "bad", as they say these days.

    Threads come and go over time. After a long time as "dead", they are occasionally closed "en masse" to prevent them from being re-opened. A thread from 2006 is likely not too relevant to things going on today. And even if it were, it could possibly be re-opened at any time. We take requests!

    But really, if there's something from a past thread that you'd care to update in some way, you can always quote the relevant portion and open a new thread. The problem with opening old threads is that many times, the original participants are no longer active on the board and will probably not see your reply.

    I personally have re-opened a number of threads when I have an update to it. Often it's just an addendum to stuff that was said before from my own personal perspective and not worthy of a new thread.

    Now, shall we continue with this thread in its alleged purpose, or would you like to make more work for the moderators in splitting off the "board" topic to where it belongs?
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  20. newvillefan

    newvillefan I Know My First Name Is Stephen

    I think if we all bear this ^^^ sentiment in mind when posting, the thread should hopefully see itself through to a satisfactory end when everyone who wanted one is hopefully in receipt of a top notch vinyl set.
  21. Jamesj75

    Jamesj75 Well-Known Member

    Thanks a million for your reply, Harry! Your tone and explanation are MUCH appreciated. I do apologize for derailing the current discussion from its main topic (no "beef" in sight, however...). That has been known to happen here quite frequently... It's not, in and of itself, always a bad thing, but I understand the notion of trying to stay on course. I am personally closing this thread to @Jamesj75, as I have nothing more to add... :)
  22. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    Okay I have now emailed my contact at UMG asking for an update. As soon as I get any news, I will post it here. Can I suggest therfore that we leave it at that for now and see what response I get. Thanks.
  23. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    Just had this reply:

    Hi Mike,

    Our U.K office will be sending out your replacement LPs from the UK. We just confirmed this with them last Friday. They should be shipping them out to you sometime this week. Once they have shipped, they will provide me with the tracking information and I will forward it along to you.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Kind regards"

    That’s great news for us U.K. buyers. I would assume that those in the US will be getting their replacements shortly. I’ll let you know when mine arrive.
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  24. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    As a sort-of side comment, I am curious about the "tight / torn paper" spindle holes on this set. I mean, the spindle hole on LPs has been the same size for what, about 100 years? I own probably 750 LPs (or what you kids today refer to as "vinyl") and I don't recall tight, or torn spindle holes as being a problem -- maybe a rare, occasional anomaly at best. How the heck is it that all of a sudden, this is a thing? Is it a common problem with other releases or is it just this label or pressing plant?
  25. Harry

    Harry Charter A&M Corner Member Moderator

    I'm scratching my head over this too. Really, standards are standards. Why this should even be a problem is beyond me. Rudy mentioned something about the thickness of 180gm vinyl, but thickness of the platter shouldn't have anything to do with the size of the center hole.

    I know that it's possible to use a round router-tool to make the hole bigger and would probably go that route if I had to. The only time I've ever done anything like that is if a record is pressed off-center, making the hole bigger would allow me push on the outer edge slightly to center the grooves as the record is turning on the table.

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