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She has done many Christmas albums, including a duet project with Art Garfunkel, The Animals Christmas - very rare.
I’ve got an A&M Records Christmas Promo 3/4-inch U-Matic from December 1993 that has Amy Grant’s “Grown Up Christmas List” along with other A&M artists of the day like Aaron Neville, John Mellencamp And U2. I only wish it had some Carpenters Christmas on it! (The tape’s video’s go from about 1986 to 1993).


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I'm reading from a reliable source that the opening to "Let The Season Take Wing" has been pruned in the new digital bonus release and that it's brickwalled. At this point I don't know what the vinyl holds.


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My favorite of the post passing.of Karen LP's. I can remember everything I saw on my way.to.pick the album up. It was a very.cold night. Snow on the ground. There was only 1 copy at the recordland record store in the City Center Mall, thrall was torn.down in 2005.
.Such memories
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