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Funko Pop Karen Carpenter ?

Misael Castillo Lopez

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Today I looked for the official page of funko pop, and I wrote to them suggesting the idea of doing a funko pop of Karen Carpenter, what do you think?
If you like my idea, support the dream of every fan. I leave the page for you to send your suggestion from karen carpenter to funko pop.
I wrote that we were many fans in the world
Regards and sorry for my English, I speak Spanish.


(In the Page "figure or product suggestion")


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I think that is a great idea. I suggested it to them also. I suggested one with a drum and drumsticks. Richard too.

Carpe diem

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Karen/Richard bobble heads that have the sticky pad on the bottom so I can put them on the dash board of my car! :) Let's do it!!


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I saw one about a year ago on EBay. Wasn’t sure if it was legit or not. Expensive though.
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