Reeeeeeally BAD records... You know, ENTERTAININGLY BAD. So BAD that they're actually laughable!


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Ok, this one is just bad. But back in 2001, Direct Source released 4 Christmas CD’s under the Coca-Cola branding and carried the tag line “Celebrating with Coca-Cola”. The discs used the Coke logo and artwork (possible from Coca-Cola advertisements) with the Coke Santa Claus and seals/polar bear.

The disc called, “Celebrating The Holidays” contains recordings by two different choirs, The Russian Boys Choir & The Children’s Christmas Chorus. Now then what really makes this bad is the audio quality of the recordings! It sounds like Direct Source used a consumer audio tape that some parent or even the choir leader had made with your average 1990’s ghetto blaster set on a chair during the rehearsal for a school or church concert. The fidelity is very low, there is only piano for accompiament, and it is very hissy and muffled.

Here’s the Amazon listing for this album:

I’ve got to wonder how Coca-Cola even approved this disc. The other 3 CD’s all came from studio masters and sound professional, but this CD, the recording is amateurish and the dynamic range is almost non-existent!


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Back in the dark ages when I worked third shift, a couple of us were doing month end billing and broke into a few choruses of Fish Heads. Our manager walked in, thought there was something badly wrong with us, and backed away. :D


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And from the “can’t figure out what genre I want to record in” school...

That one looks so silly that I want to get one, just out of curiosity! :laugh: Who knows? The royalties I pay today might put one of Lee Shot Williams' grandkids through college, or pay alimony or something. :D


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OMG! You mean people actually paid money for this? :biglaugh::crazy:
No, they bought Pizzas, and got the record thrown in. This trumpet is so out of tune, it's not even in the same state as the rest of the musicians. Pass the AutoTune please. As bad as Tammy Fake Bakker trying to sing. 1 correct note out of 10,000,000.


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10,000 hits of LSD, a semi truckload of Ludes, and 100 tractor trailers of Acapulco Gold and this would still be a horrible record.
I knew a guy who used to take about that many ludes. He was a musician too, come to think of it. (No longer with us unfortunately.)


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Ah, yes...we had the album at the campus radio station, but we were instructed NEVER to play it. Very risque material for the late 1940's when it was recorded.

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"Shaving Cream" had that 1975 resurgence thanks in large part to the success of Dr. Demento who played it and many other novelty tunes on his show...

--Mr Bill
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