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UMG Repressings - Any News

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by Lover Of Great Music, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Well-Known Member

    I'm not buying them all individually...I really only want one to keep in my collection as a reference point, hopefully I'll get one of the newer pressings.
  2. So basically you cannot tell where they were pressed compared to the first set?, there is no indication of which country these were pressed in on the box or album covers?. Everything is exactly the same?, and by the sound of it they still ain’t perfect. Better perhaps but not perfect without any audible ticks and pops.
  3. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    The sleeves look identical with barcodes etc. There is nothing on the sleeves which i can see that indicates "printed in the US" or "printed in EU" etc. Just the generic UMG info. I’m now recording the "Tan" album and will do a few more today and report back.
  4. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    First major problem is a small spindle hole on the "Now and Then" album. It required quite a force in getting it on the turntable, but was eventually cheived by pushing down on the centre label. However getting it off is a bigger problem.

    Also looking under a special light at certain angles, I can see strange looking pits in the vinyl on all albums. Whether these create small clicks or pops as the stylus comes across them, it is difficult to tell.



    I don`t believe for one second, any of these albums have been re-pressed, they`ve just gone through all the bad ones, taken out the good stuff and used those, or used the individual releases to send out, which as I said, visually, are perfect, but sound very scratchy.
    if universal did this properly in the first place, they wouldn't have these issues. EVERY set should have been re-called properly, then sort the issue with the presses, then re-do them, not this `bodge job` that`s going on!
  6. Why would they say they have been repressed I don’t get it?, either they have or they haven’t. The fact that the matrix numbers are exactly the same points to no re press?.
  7. So are you possibly saying that these ain’t anywhere near what you have expected?. I was specifically told that the albums were being repressed but no inclination as to where in the World this occurred. Are we being hoodwinked?, for me if the albums have exactly the same deadwax information means they are one and the same as the originals. All of my original Carpenters albums say “Made in the Uk” etc why these don’t is puzzling for sure?.

    Why this information isn’t made available is strange. A lot of collectors (me included) like to know exactly where an LP record was made , certain pressing plants have excellent reputations and produce excellent products which you can count upon to be good.
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  8. Given the information provided thus far that the matrix or deadwax information is identical I would hazard a guess that there has been no such repress?. I haven’t had a chance to check my albums yet but I would think possibly we have just been sent better quality (visually) LPs from the original batch?. If anyone can suggest any differences that have been noticed it would be good to find out?.
  9. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    I’m wondering if the US branch simply made contact with the U.K. office to ascertain if they had any spare boxes on their shelves and if so, asked them to send them out in the hope that they would not have any problems, or less problems. Reading some reviews around, it would seem that there are pressings that do not have problems, so I reckon they are just chancing their luck and hope. What we need to do is find out if anyone in the US who have received supposedly repressed copies to give us their matrix/deadwax info. I deliberately kept my trashed copies to see if there was any difference.
  10. The fact that they sent them in the shrink wrapped box I’m guessing confirms this. But the mystifying thing to me is why the long wait?, giving the impression we were waiting for the pressings to be done?. It really is confusing all this?.
    Is there any difference?, my trashed copies went in the bin the same day sadly so I have nothing to compare them to?.
    If any of your replacements have sharp edges then they are probably the same as the first lot?.
  11. To be honest I expected to receive the LPs individually without the box, they said no box sets would be produced again which is also surprising, to be honest I don’t know what to think about the whole repressing debate?.
  12. I have just had another email from a lady at Universal which says this

    My earlier emails never stated that the orders were going to be repressed in the U.K. Originally, we were going to send you the repressed selections from the U.S. The label decided to ship the customers in the U.K. their product that was manufactured in Europe and did not have the same pressing defects as the product manufactured in the U. S. These albums have not been repurposed from the batch of sets that were manufactured poorly. If you are still having problems with what was sent, the label is aware of the issue with the replacements in the U.S. and will be remanufacturing more units in the U.S. With an expected date of completion within 8 weeks.

    Confused?, I know I am?. Reading the email I conclude that what we in the UK have received are not repressings?, they are original stock made in Europe for the EU market. This isn’t what I was expecting at all I was promised completely new re pressed albums which isn’t what was sent?. No doubt this is why there are reports of pops and ticks on the newly sent product!.
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  13. This is exactly what has happened!
  14. newvillefan

    newvillefan Well-Known Member

    So in other words, they’ve tried to shift defective product from Europe back onto UK customers, given them a load of attitude for asking why the product is still defective and now told them there will be another 8 week wait.

    I hope this thread isn’t closed like the last one because Universal need to know what an absolute shambles this has been from start to finish. Someone else posted above to stick with your originals. I 100% agree with that.
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  15. I would think that all product sent out to yourself, me and anyone else isn’t repressed at all. This product isn’t available as yet (two months away). As I said a few posts ago I don’t care how long it takes as long as I get re pressings but this hasn’t occurred sadly.

    I cannot understand why I was told the re pressings are nearly ready?, then sent something off a shelf here in the U.K. what was obviously made in 2017!. And I was made to wait 6 weeks for something thinking it was in the process of manufacture when in reality it was already there in limbo!.

    This answers the question of why full box sets are sent out I guess - they are the original European batch!, which must be the same as the American batch - the matrix numbers are the key to this.
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  16. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    Played "Carpenters" (Tan Album) and it is littered with "snap, crackle and pop"which seem so pronounced during the quieter parts. I've got 50 years old records that sound cleaner. Am now firing off an email to UMG.
  17. Oh dear!, can you tell them your from the U.K. please, I don’t think they considered that there are issues with the European pressings this thread is essential and ensures that issues can be discussed. So do you feel they have sent out faulty product to replace faulty Product?. Repressings were promised and not delivered?.
    I think they have already acknowledged issues with replacements they have sent out in the USA. Why didn’t they just send out newly pressed product when it was ready as was promised!, quite clearly they haven’t even done these repressings yet!.
    Sending out sealed old stock isn’t the answer to these problems it’s just making matters worse it’s a lottery.

    Basically this is all a complete fiasco I feel, they should have waited until all the newly pressed copies where ready check them and send them, not just fingers crossed and send old stock?.
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  18. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    They know I'm from the UK so no problems there. So yes, they have sent out more faulty products, but I do not think deliberately as the boxes were sealed. They were probably expecting them to be okay, but of course, we have no idea if these sets were pressed in one location and the shipped around the world. Another reason why the records and sleeves should show details of the country of manufacture.

    I have just fired off an email to my contact and await her response.
  19. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    Yes, clearly we were told that they were waiting for new pressings to be delivered. When I chased up as to where they were, I was told that they had just been received in the UK. office.
  20. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    Who are you dealing with in the US? Who sent you the email.
  21. This quite clearly isn’t the case, these ain’t new pressings as you have said we haven’t got a clue where they originate from only thing that’s concrete is they ain’t repressings !!.
  22. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    I just received a response which basically mirrors yours. What I did pick up on was a comment that some of the second US pressings are also faulty, so they are.having to do them a third time. They will arrange replacements once again but it will take a further 2 months. Not sure if they want us to destroy these and send further evidence, but no doubt, we will find out. But this is a real fiasco all round.
  23. I bet Universal consider this one of the biggest headaches they have had to deal with, as you no doubt agree this is a very time consuming business which everyone will be glad to see sorted out. Knowing that mine ain’t repressings means having to check through 24 albums via listening sessions. It isn’t a pleasure when your forced to have to listen I’m sure you agree.
    I didn’t enjoy it the first time waiting for pops and ticks to appear at least some of them were visually imperfect saving the time!. Listening to the Carpenters is a rewarding pleasure usually that I relish but when you are forced to make time to listen it can be a bit of a stress.
  24. Lover Of Great Music

    Lover Of Great Music Member Thread Starter

    Agree, because it is being crammed into a short space of time.

    Apparently, and whilst it is not definite, normally a record pressed in Europe will not have exactly the same deadwax details as one pressed in the US. But I guess we will never get to the bottom of this.
  25. Can I ask have you compared your deadwax information?, if they are exactly the same I think that means pressed at the same place at the same time?.

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